is to be read from the beginning, as most things are.



it poured this morning. came down real hard. it's strange how quickly everything perks up after one good rain.
i've been feeling a little funky lately. i can't put my finger on it. can't even tell whether it's good or not. very restless. it's so classic but i want to cut my hair. perhaps i'm just looking to change things up a bit. everything has been pretty stagnant these past few years.
my roommate just stumbled out the door, heading to sonic. that girl is strange. a 20 year old rebel without a cause, and without friends to be rebellious with. i do worry about her, but not enough to try to help. she reminds me of dan four years ago, granted he was 15.. but still. i used to find him in the middle of the day sleeping on a bench in a public park, or would spend hours trying to wake him up outside of his apartment.
i want new music. a new look. a new friend. a new house. something. everything.
it's too late baby.
to bed.



G'mornin. it has been years since i had a journal of any sort. it's bizarre to be doing it again. i looked up my old one a few nights ago and i got the bug.. the blog bug. no matter what, i will always dream of being a talented writer. i sincerely doubt it will ever happen, but it will remain my one big dream.

this age is a fucking killer. too young to have a grasp on life, but too old to not be getting it together. i do not feel ready for anything that is thrown at me. i am confident that it will all work out in time, but paitence is a bitch.

maybe writing again will help me a bit with the stress. i haven't had 'me' time in well over two years.

here's to that.


just testing the blogspot waters.