is to be read from the beginning, as most things are.



"He had already become accustomed to the dangerous experiment of resisting his own inward convictions; and this new impulse to ambition, combined with the strong temptation of variety in love, met the ardent young man weakened in moral principle, and unfettered by laws of the land. The change wrought upon him was soon noticed by Clotel."


and there's a racist girl in my class. she says
"you're telling me that no one in this class has seen a black person look like this?"
see FIG 179.


and in 8th grade, when i was misplaced, that girl said to me,
"i'm popular even though i'm fat. at first, i wasn't cool, but now i'm the funny girl. You gotta find something"


and my head tells me
"you can't be in two places at once, girl."

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